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Today scenic design is taught and classified into two types… Box Sets & Unit Sets.

I would like to propose additional scenic design classifications (which can be viewed above and are listed below).  Each week I will focus on a different classification.  Now, some of these can be combined and it could even be debated that some of these “classifications” are the same but, by redefining the terms we use as designers, artists and theater practitioners we can further develop what scenic design is, can be and will be as the theater progresses.   

Got a question, comment, thought?  Hate it?  Love it?  Think I’m a fool? Got something to contribute?  I want to hear from you!  Let’s get a discussion going!

Atmospheric:  Tartufe” - Katrin Brack

Box: “Venus in Fur” – John Lee Beatty

Green: “Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson” – Donyale Werle

Digital: “The Magic Flute” - Esther Bialas

Found Space: “The Drowned Man” – Felix Barrett, Livi Vaughn & Beatrice Minns

Installation: “Death of a Salesman” – Narelle Sissons

Light: “Passing Strange” – David Korins

Material:  “Don Giovanni” – Frank Gehry

Motion Based: “Replacement” - Barbara Ehnes

Unit: “Ragtime” – Derek McLane

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